Dog Gone It Pet Care 

Happy Pets Make Happy Homes

Hello! My name is Louise and I have worked for Tom Miller since 2012. I have always had animals in my

life and I understand the special qualities they have and how much they touch our lives. I have a special

affinity to dogs and have personally observed how they improve the lives of those humans who just give

them a chance. There are dogs who are trained to serve with our military and police, help the blind to

“see”, help autistic children to connect, and who give comfort to the sick and dying. This is the altruism

of dogs! Most of us know them as members of our families. They are our ever-ready exercise pals,

lather on the unconditional love, protect us, and make us laugh. They share our joy and pain and

ultimately they help us to understand to the impermanence of life. One of my earliest assignments was helping a lovely couple who had recently adopted a German shorthaired pointer who had been rescued from an unscrupulous breeder. Sarah is a beautiful animal who had been over bred, was heartworm positive, had serious dental issues, and an infected paw. Worst of all she was frightened of everything. She was totally disconnected with what I call her “doggie nature”. I only visited her and a joy-filled well-adjusted family member Carley who is a wire haired dachshund, once a day for a midday visit and it was very difficult at first. It took months of lots of love and patience to get Sarah to trust me. She is very lucky to have landed in such a loving home and I’m sure that her family would tell you that they are the lucky ones. She is happy, healthy, energetic, and ALWAYS has a lot to say. She will always hold a special place in my heart. I am grateful to have found Dog Gone It Pet Care. This job allows me to share the joy and compassion in my heart. Tom is a great boss and truly cares about his clients, their pets, and his employees.

Hi, I’m Jackie and I started Dog Gone It in 2014. I was drawn to the job because of my background-it sounded like a perfect fit, as well as the extreme praise and reputation I heard about Tommy, the owner; how he ran his business and treated his employees and clients. Some of the experience I bring comes from 3 years as a veterinary technician as well as currently living and caring for 3 rescue dogs. I am married, have 2 children and enjoy gardening and making art (graduated college with a BFA).

I am proud of the wonderful relationships I have with the clients on my route and the comfort I am able provide, knowing each individual’s needs. It’s fantastic to be able to brighten up a waiting companion’s day with love, attention, exercise and potty break. Whether it’s a bowl that needs refilled, a much anticipated snack given, or an itch that needed scratched, I always feel useful and appreciated. It is very rewarding to know you’ve given a caring owner peace of mind that all is well at home and that their loved ones are comfortable and content. The relief to receive a picture of their pet looking healthy and happy and an update of what they have been up to in their absence has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. In other situations when owners are home but unable to walk their dogs, they feel good that they have been able to provide their companion with someone who can get them out and about in the fresh air to stimulate their senses and get the exercise they crave.

                I am aware of the great responsibility clients are entrusting me with; the safety and care of their family member, as well as their home and property, and I take that very seriously and with great pride. I know I can’t replace a pet parent, but I always strive to be the next best thing in their absence!


My name is Patty and I have been with Dog Gone It Pet Care and Tom’s team since 2014. 
I do a lot of dog walking, pet sitting and even some yard duty. None of which is new to me. My husband and I have had animals on and off for over 30 years now. Back when he was a teacher in the Cleveland school system we ran a program where we took in wounded and abandoned animals and worked along with the students in raising the animal and then releasing them back into the wild. And of course, along the way, we did have our own dogs as well as and a couple cats. And, at one point I also worked for Comfort Keepers in taking care of the elderly. I guess I am a nurturer by nature.
In about 1990 we moved out to Valley City where we both volunteered with the SPCA. There I worked with the dogs that were brought in along with being an adoption counselor in helping the animals to get adopted. I also worked a lot with the cats and their habitat. After only a couple years I moved on to volunteering with the rescue Save Ohio Strays. Along the way my whole family got involved in the care of the animals.  I have three beautiful daughters, all grown and out of the house. But, I am sure they can tell you that they never remember a time without some dogs, puppies, cats or kittens animals running here and there in our house.  At one point we had a couple horses and were involved in 4H with our girls. With SOS I actually foster dogs and have the holding facility on my property as well as being the Adoption Coordinator. This holding facility is where we quarantine dogs who come from the shelter for two weeks and I work with them in trying to get an idea of their personality so we are able to put them into the proper foster home. I also work with mama dogs in the midwife capacity when they have their litter and then foster them along with their litter till it is time for them to be separated into foster homes. I have taken several courses in dog training and dog behavior. I also at one time had four dogs of my own but I'm sadly down to two. There are also quite a few feral cats that I house on my property, feed and look after as well. So as you can see I am a big animal lover and have been around animals for quite some time now. So working for Dog Gone It seemed like a natural for me. It is definitely a great way to get some exercise (dog walking) and enjoy the company of some four-legged furry friends. Each animal is so uniquely different you can't help but enjoy their individual personalities along with some of their antics. The pet sitting is equally enjoyable as you visit and take care of the different companions, maybe feed them or even walk them. But the best part is to just go and spend time and play with them while their owners are away. There is nothing better to brighten your day and put a smile on your face.

Having spent a lot of time around people and animals I couldn't help but be impressed with Dog Gone It. Tom is a wonderful boss and a phenomenal human being but more important the care and professionalism that he expects from you as a caregiver must be nothing but your best. He expects you to treat and take care of the animals as if they were your own. You can tell he put a lot of time, thought and research before taking on this endeavor when he started. Tom is truly interested in giving the best possibly service and pleasing both the two legged and four legged client.


Animal people are a breed among themselves, including myself.  We KNOW our pets are our family and Dog Gone It makes sure that it comes across in everything we do.  Tom is adamant that we do our job to the best of our ability and with the utmost care. He himself is an excellent example of how to treat the clients and their pets. It comes across in how he treats us as his employees. He has great concern for how we do our job and also how things are going in our personal lives.

Hello I am Kim - I started my employment with Dog Gone It Pet Care in 2014. I have found that when a client is hiring a caregiver it is a stressful situation as many compare it to hiring childcare for their children. After all, these are our furry children. I have been caring for pets for quite sometime. When I grew up, as a young teenager I often cared for neighbor’s pets while they were away on vacation. As an adult it seemed to follow the same pattern. I have cared for countless neighbors and friends while they entrusted me with there pets and home as well. I then followed up with the Berea Animal Shelter where I volunteered for several years. It broke my heart to see all the rescues but I felt by giving my time, both the animals and myself were rewarded. So it continued when I began working for Tommy at Dog Gone It Pet Care. I love all my furry clients and they love me.  This is one of the few jobs where you can go to work and your furry client is thrilled to see you each and every visit. There's nothing like a wet sloppy kiss that will brighten my day. With that being said, I have made many wonderful friendships with the owners of these furry pets. Some are elderly and can use a helping hand. I've been happy to pick up a prescription, change light bulbs, or bring in there mail on a snowy day. On the flip side, I had only ever had family watch my pets. But once I started working for Tommy and saw how he and the others cared for clients pets, I was completely comfortable entrusting him and the other caregivers with my own pet and home while away. Dog Gone It Pet Care just goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable with pictures and updates at each visit.  I/We will care for your pets just as if they are our own. ~Kim

Hi I am Lori,

I joined Dog Gone It’s team in 2015 and have fallen in love with every single one of my “clients”, your pets. As a former shelter caregiver in a no kill shelter with animals that no one else would take I learned that with love and care the level of return from the animals is pure love. Who could ask for more as it was truly rewarding. Working at Dog Gone It has been equally if not more rewarding, I get to meet and work with great owners who truly care about their companions, as much as I do for my own pets. if you ask my husband that would include not only our two dogs but the geese, duck, finches, squirrels and any even “Ugly Betty” the possum. But truly the best thing about working at Dog Gone It has been the animals that I care for as our clients substitute Mom's and Dad's. Everyone I work with truly cares about your pets and that is what sets us apart.

After working for 20 years in banking I was ready for a change. I rescued my first dog at the age of 11 (Cissy) and have been an animal lover my entire life. I started to become truly involved in pet care when we agreed to take on our first senior rescue (Kelly) who had been through a fire and abandoned by the family. Then doing volunteer work at local shelters led me to a true no kill shelter where I worked for four years. No animal was turned away regardless of illness or deformity. We cared for all equally and I had to administer medicines and care for most of them until they were taken by their illnesses. It wasn’t for the faint of heart. It operated for 47 years until the death of the owner. Working there has been one of the most important accomplishments of my life. It taught me how to spot trouble and head it off at the pass, to listen to what the animal is saying about their health even though they can't use words.

Hello, my name is Diane. I think that my purpose in life is to make everyone feel special. I have been in the Health Care field for the past 14 years, going into peoples’ homes to care for them and running an Adult Day Care. We have three wonderful dogs. Two of them are therapy dogs. We went through all the necessary training with them to get them certified which takes a real commitment. We go to Southwest Hospital, Hospice and Assisted Living to brighten the day for the patients and residents. The dogs love going. Animals are so much a part of the family. There’s nothing like coming home from a hard day to a wagging tail and wet nose. All of your problems seem to disappear. I have known Tommy for over 7 years. He has been taking care of our “kids” ever since. I feel very privileged to be working with him and being able to meet new people and provide companionship to their furry families.

Hello, my name is Brad. I joined Dog Gone It in 2016 while finishing up my degree. My parents and I started a relationship with Tom almost 5 years ago. They were using a number of Tom's services for our own dogs.

What I saw is that his service was exceptional, and the happiness he brought to our family sending photos of the dogs while out of town brightened our days. There was nothing more satisfying than getting our updates and it brought such a relief we wouldn't have gotten in a kennel. I've had dogs since I was a little kid and have spent time volunteering with SPCA's, walking dogs and helping care for them. With a special needs dog in my family, I learned to give insulin shots for her diabetes along with following a strict routine of feeding, giving pills and timely medication.

I am so thankful to have found Dog Gone It and have this wonderful opportunity to take care of something everyone can mutually agree on, Dogs rule. While it is a huge responsibility to entrust myself and Dog Gone It with your pets, it's something I take great pride in.