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Friendly and knowledgeable - Ohio's First Pet Care Service to send pic/txt messages on all sitting/walking visits.

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Hello, thank you for your interest. So you probably wonder what exactly we do! If you are looking for something special for you and your pets, you have come to the right place. In the following pages you will find out a little about us. We hope to exceed your expectations. 

In 2007, Dog Gone It was founded on the premise of keeping your pets happy, healthy, and stress free in their own home. Our certified caregivers provide gentle care for your special pets. Individualized private pet sitting visits and let out services are tailored to each specific family's needs and daily routines.


Our registered slogan, "Happy Pets Make Happy Homes", means that we aim to provide the intellectual and physical stimulation faithful companions crave to keep them happy while you are away, in turn keeping our pet owners and their homes happy too. One of Ohio's first to send updates on each visit.

You no longer have to feel like an outsider when you have to be away. Our text and picture messages let you know we are there for you and your fur, feather and finned companions.


Dog Gone It Pet Care’s Mid Day Let Outs & Pet Sitting services were developed to provide you with an invigorating sense of peace of mind. No more traveling to drop your companions off, waiting to pick them up, paying for full days that aren't needed or even paying for multiple pets.

Setting up a "get to know us session" is as easy as 1,2,3. Call or use our "Contact Form". We get in touch and have the opportunity to discuss your day to day routines and your pet's current situations. This relationship building time enables us to better understand your activity trends so we can best assist with our programs. From puppy visits through active adult cats and specialized senior care, Dog Gone It has a care package to suit you and your pet's needs so there is minimal interruption in your absence.

Dog Gone It's In-Home Pet Sitting Services

Caregiving options available 7 days a week, including major holidays, in the city of Strongsville and bordering communities. More info...

Dog Gone It's Let Out Services

Enrichment sessions are provided Monday through Friday. Currently serving Strongsville and touching neighborhoods in, Berea, Brunswick and Brunswick Hills with Potty Breaks. New Client Special Offer!  More info...

Dog Gone It's "Yard Duty" Services

Bargain Dog Waste Services are provided in Strongsville and surrounding cities. Budget rates start as low as $6 a visit. Discreet pleasant service. More info...


"Louise and Tommy, Thanks soo much for the service. It helped Jeff and I so much! It was a struggle some days to make it home mid-day. Most of all our 3 fur children thank you! Jeff and Sue Johansen -Strongsville More testimonials